CD Russian Connections

A CD full of surprises. Each song has a link with Russian composers or somehow has a connection with Russia. A varied program is offered from both classical and modern repertoire.
After the spectacular opening of Shostakovich's Festival overture, works by Tschaikovsky, Prokofiev and Rimski Korsakov are following.

Soloist Dik van Doorn on cornet stars in “Song of the Indian Guest” and two works are performed in a beautiful arrangement by Rijnmond member Pieter Koster.

The latest work "Extreme make over", which was skillfully composed by Johan de Meij, will appeal to many and the influences of Tchaikovsky's 1812 overture are unmistakable in this. The band plays this work musically and very dynamically. This CD is well worth listening to and is highly recommended to you.